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For Guests

Tuscaloosa Hospitality Network has partnered with some of the area's premier businesses to offer the following for visitors to THN properties:



For Hosts

In addition, Tuscaloosa Hospitality Network offers consulting services for individuals interested in getting involved in short term rentals in Tuscaloosa. These include:

  • consulting on local short term rental regulations and processes
  • identifying appropriate properties for short term rentals
  • helping with the purchase of properties for rental through a REALTOR® with expertise in this area
  • decorating your short term rental property with the help of a Certified Interior Decorator (CID)
  • marketing your short term rental property through the Tuscaloosa Hospitality Network and other local, national and regional resources


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The Tuscaloosa Hospitality Network (THN) is a alliance of individuals and businesses offering exceptional short-term rental properties for discerning visitors to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 


All THN properties meet standards to ensure an exceptional guest experience.


To book properties that are featured and listed on this site, follow the direct links provided in each property listing.


If you require additional assistance, we are most happy to provide support in an effort to meet your needs by contacting us at 205.336.2349 or by using the contact form on this site.

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